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December, 2022


Sous Chef Wangchuk

Sous Chef Wangchuk travelled to Thailand in August of 2022 to train at the beautiful ChivaSom in Hua Hin, winner of the ‘Top Destination Spa Resort in the World’ in the Conde Nast Traveler, Readers’ Choice Awards. He tells us about his experience…

Tell us about your travels to Thailand recently

This was my first time on an aeroplane so it was an exciting trip. I was surprised by how big the airport was in Bangkok and by all the buses and taxis and cars. I was surprised by how many people there were and how many different languages were spoken. It was so different and so busy.

Was there anything you really enjoyed?

I loved seeing the ocean and also all the flowers and different animals and the enormous number of shops and restaurants. Of course I loved trying all the different food but especially the seafood, there was so much variety and it was all new to me. I met local fisherman and talked to them about how they caught seafood and how they cooked it and what to eat it with, it was all very surprising and interesting.

Was there anything you didn’t like?

Only that the Thai people didn’t speak better English – I had so many questions and things I wanted to talk to them about!

Tell us about your experience at Chiva-Som. What was the training like?

This was a very special experience. I learned so many new things about creating a wellness menu and designing nutritious meals for guests such as gluten free diets, plant-based diets and vegan menus. I learned new and exciting ways to create dishes with fresh and organic ingredients with a focus on salads and fruit and vegetables. I learned a lot about nutrition, wellness cuisines and organic cooking and I am very excited to share these new skills with the culinary team at Gangtey Lodge.

Luxury Suite
Soak in luxury with


Unwind by the cosy fireplace and soak in our deep roll top baths with sweeping views of the valley below. Enjoy the warmth of underfloor heating beneath your feet.

All our suites are identical and have a private bathroom and spacious living area, with interiors reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan.

Celebrating Tshechu In Gangtey Valley

There is a certain time every year when Bhutan comes alive in a vivid display of colour, music, dance and motion. This is a time when Bhutanese from all walks of life down tools, put on their finest, most elaborate clothes (exquisite hand woven kiras for women and ghos for men) and gather together for a day of joyful celebration.

How Sustainability and Gross National Happiness impact daily life in Bhutan

During the summer months of June, July and August the moody monsoon rains roll in from India and the valleys of Bhutan are blessed with abundant rain.

The World’s Last Remaining Vajrayana Buddhist Kingdom

Bhutan is the world’s last remaining Vajrayana Buddhist Kingdom, and this ancient spiritual tradition is, to this day, embedded in the very consciousness and culture of the people.

The Story Behind the World’s Fastest Vaccine Roll Out

On July 20th, Bhutan began the roll out of the world’s fastest inoculation program, reaching 90% of its eligible adult population with a second dose within one week.

Gangtey Lodge Team Updates: Sonam Dorji

Since we haven’t been able to welcome any guests to our lodge lately, we thought we would share with you all what our team has been up to while awaiting Bhutan’s borders to reopen. Below is an interview with our operations manager, Sonam Dorji, on his recent work with the Gangtey Lodge green team.

Gangtey Lodge Team Updates: Sonam Tshering, Sangay Tshering & Wangchuk Dorji

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bhutan’s borders have had to remain closed for quite some time now, meaning that we haven’t been able to welcome any of you to experience our great nation. During these hard times, while we have been able to keep our whole team employed on rotation, there has been a lot of free time away from the lodge for our team to utilise. We asked some of our team members to share what they have been doing during this time.